Esme & Roy

About the Show

Esme & Roy are best friends-and the best monstersitters in Monsterdale! This pre-school series brings little viewers along on relatable monster adventures and is packed with playful learning, humor, heart and musical monster-y fun.

Esme & Roy even have an Alexa skill! There’s lots to do, like having some magical fun at the circus or even blasting off into space. To check it out, visit the Amazon Alexa Skill Store here!

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Meet the Characters


Esme is an amazing monstersitter, who has a knack for inventing perfect activities to fix little monsters’ problems.


Roy is Esme’s best friend and monstsitting partner. He may be big and strong looking, but he’s also an emotional guy.


Four-year-old Hugo loves to be the star of the show and embody characters in imaginary play. He is also a talented musician.


One-year-old Fig is Hugo’s baby sister. She has limited verbal ability but always gets her point across and has super strength.


Three-year-old Tillie is super active with a serious need for speed! Tillie loves to play rough and tumble games.


Three-year-old Snugs is affectionate and loves to hug and snuggle. He can sometimes be shy and afraid in new situations.


Eight-year-old Simon, loves regimen, routine, and order. He can appear standoffish but once he’s comfortable he warms right up.


Dumpling is Roy’s monster pet and a monster-y version of a guinea pig. She doesn’t speak but expresses herself in squeaks.


Fuzzy, Snugs’ baby brother, is the newest addition to our little monsters! He’s curious, playful and loves to explore his new surroundings. Like his big brother, he puffs up when he’s feeling scared, but Esme and Roy always know how to calm him down. Fuzzy adores spending time with his Monstersitters and no monster can resist Fuzzy’s coos and giggles.